Birthday at the MouseLand (Disney World)

I’ve been wanting to share this for awhile, about celebrating birthday at Disney. I can’t think of a better time to do it as a good friend of mine recently celebrated her July 4th birthday at Disney World and another friend of mine is planning her birthday during one of the DisneyRun which I will be part of.

So… Happy Birthday, Stephanie and happy very early birthday to Stephanie! Yep, they have the same name, but I promise they aren’t the same people nor my imaginary friends that I just name Stephanie.

The whole idea of celebrating birthday at a Disney Park was never my idea. It actually was a surprise birthday trip/gift for my 30th birthday from Chris, as I was freaking out about turning the big 30s and thinking the world would crash and come to an end.

Disney Birthday Pin

Well, the world didn’t end, and I had such a blast celebrating my birthday that I went back for my 31st birthday the following year and made Chris totally “moused-out.” After that, I’ve been telling people that if there’s one thing they must do in their lives, it’s to celebrate at least one birthday at a Disney park, preferably Disney World, and that BIRTHDAY BUTTON/PIN is a must!! Using my favorite word, it’s “crucial.”

We always stay at the resort at Disney World, and the button is given at the time of check in. You can also get the button throughout the park at Guest Relations and indoor shops at WDW, or City Hall at Disneyland, and Guest Services at Adventure Park.

Why is it “crucial?” Because it is the key to V.I.P treatment, on the Mouse!!

Disney 2015 (2)> First of all, you get free desserts at any restaurants with your button. Often, the desserts are extra cute, with edible Mickey’s face or ears on it.

> Second, you will get cast member saying “Happy Birthday” to you throughout the park. My best birthday shout outs were from Princess Tiana from all the way on top of her float during a parade, and Mad Hatter making a HUGE scene telling every one of his entourage that it was my birthday and then Alice & Co. rushed to me wishing me happy birthday!

The above are basic perks of having the button, which showcases the outstanding customer service of Disney World where they strive on making every moment magical to the visitors.

In addition, if you are lucky, you might get a little extra unexpected surprises from cast members. For example, we decided to watch fireworks from Epcot on my 30th. We weren’t really sure where to see the fireworks, and while we were running around World Showcase for a spot, two nice and sweet ladies stopped us, and told us that since it was my birthday, they were inviting us back to their enclosed “reserved” area for fireworks later that evening. We did go back, and got an awesome, uninterrupted view right by the Epcot Lagoon, and it was just Chris, me, and another couple that were far away from us. Talking about having the whole view area by ourselves…

Disney 2015 (1)

One thing to keep in mind for birthday celebrators at the MouseLand… Be sure to be kind to the cast members who go that extra mile (or extra 10 miles) to make your birthday special and ultra-magical, no matter how old you are, because I don’t think you’ll get the same kind of birthday treatments in other theme parks.


* Further Reading: If you google “Birthday at Disney” I’m sure you’ll find a lot of people sharing their experiences, but Cheapskate Princess has a pretty good list of lots of birthday celebration stories here.

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