Rush and Broadway

Those of you who are Broadway fans or have been to Broadway shows have probably heard of Rush, SRO, and Lottery.

Believe it or not, I did not know of Broadway Lottery until #Ham4Ham.

I did hear of “cheaper tickets” for Broadway in the past, but never knew it was called Rush until some time in May 2017. I guess I’d been living under the rock all these years…

But again, Rush only started about 20 years ago from Rent production, and this is my very weak excuse for my ignorance.

As for SRO – Standing Room Only, is something I found out while trying to get last minute tickets or Rush tickets for Come From Away.


*Waiting in line in the rain!*

To my defense, there were no “cheap” tickets for any performances in Taiwan, other than “student discounts.” My mom made it a habit of taking me to see different shows since I was little, e.g. ballet, contemporary dance, orchestra, symphony, etc. We always got our tickets early and 99.9% of the time, we were at the center orchestra. For us, we valued good performances and experience, and were willing to pay the price tag for it.

Therefore, I’ve been very used to: 1. getting tickets early for any performances, from Broadway to Kennedy Center, or any local theater. 2. taking front orchestra seats

But I guess as I grew older, I’ve become more spontaneous (I think it’s kinda backwards? Aren’t I supposed to be less spontaneous as an adult?). At my recent birthday trip to N.Y.C, we decided to check out some last minute Broadway tickets for Come From Away, as I’ve read about the show and it’s story back in March on The New Yorker, Stuck in Gander, Newfoundland. 

Guess what? After being nominated for 7 awards for Tony Awards, it now takes at least 7 days in advance to get tickets. What did we do? What COULD we do? Lottery tickets were not available, nor TodayTix. We found out we could Rush the day of.

Ideally, if you want to secure your chance at Rush, you need to be in the line early. But how early is early? Well, for popular shows, box offices open at 10am on Saturdays, and some people start lining up around 5am, according to various message boards on Broadway World. We got in line at 9:30am on a rainy and cold Saturday, and of course, all Rush and SRO were completely sold out for the matinee show about 10 people before me… we weren’t up for going back to line up again in the afternoon for Rush or SRO for the evening show.

There goes to my very first ATTEMPT of Broadway Rush, in the cold and rain, on my birthday week.

But it’s okay, we managed to get some super awesome seats for Come From Away for later this summer, the old and traditional way, ONLINE. Okay, maybe it’s not that traditional, compared to what people did back in the 1940s when tickets were $4.40 a piece.


As for that rainy Saturday in May, we did end up going to see another show, through Rush, and I’ll be sharing that post real soon! 🙂

*<- Me dancing in Times Square after securing Rush tickets for an evening show*





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