McWay Falls at Big Sur

When talking about Big Sur, the first landmark that pops up in many people’s mind is probably Bixby Bridge. It’s an incredible architect, but my personal favorite is McWay Falls, which we discovered and visited last September, during our road trip from San Francisco to L.A.

Here’s a little background story about McWay Falls

What happened when a East Coast socialite and her politician husband visited Big Sur and fell in love with the area including a gorgeous view of a waterfall going directly into the ocean? They bought the land, built a house and even gave it a name, “Waterfall House,” as it overlooked the fall.

Today, visitors can walk through a passageway under Highway 1 from parking lot of Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to the site that once stood the Waterfall House, and look out from the ruins of terrace at the McWay Falls, which now falls to the beach/sand, instead of the ocean, due to a landslide in heavy rain/extreme wet season in 1983.

I always love history and stories, and the fact that this gorgeous view, from the Falls, to the turquoise color ocean where it once fell, and the story behind this particular spot fascinated me. I could literally sit here all day long and do nothing, just taking in the view.

We were also very lucky to visit on that September day, as it was re-open only one day prior our arrival due to the CA fire. As of right now, May 2017, the fall is closed again until further notice due to Highway 1 closure. (hopefully soon! keep an eye out as it is well worth the visit!)

Here are some pictures from the visit. You might also notice how dry the surrounding area looked, due to the fire (people, can we be more cautious when dealing with fire in the forest?)



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