How it started…

Finally, Omnivorous Meerkat blog is here!!

It took me such a long time to decide to get everything started. I’ve been asked for years if I had a blog or planned on having one. I was hesitant at first; what would I name my blog, should it be all about food, will people read it? As a visual person, I thought I’d start with my IG account @omnivorous_meerkat, which was my main focus the past year, polishing up on food picture-taking, learning how to use a camera and editing.

The past several months, more and more people come up to me for restaurant/food recommendations, and traveling tips, as I also started to share more of my trips, both domestic and international.

A couple months ago, I met up with a DC based food blogger, Dontae of, and the question of “Are you setting up a blog yet?” came up again. I told him I had a few ideas of how my blog should be, but one thing I couldn’t tackle down was the name.

I love the name Omnivorous Meerkat, my husband helped me come up with it, as meerkats are my favorite animals and if i were to be an animal, meerkat would be the choice. Also as a foodie at birth, you can say I’m omnivorous, though I don’t eat spiders like real meerkats do 🙂

However, I also read that a blog name should be something easy so people can read it. But, forget that. This blogger looked at me and said “Go with that name, then. If people can’t say “omnivorous” they’ll ask you and you can tell them! And I want to know where you eat.”

Now with everything set and ready to go, I’ll be sharing my dining experiences, places I love and those to run away from. You can expect many adventures to come, as traveling is one thing that keeps me going and moving in life, which I always credit to my wanderlust family including my mom traveling to Okinawa when she was 5-months pregnant with me.

If there is anything you’d like to read about, please feel free to drop your suggestions! I always love feedback! 🙂

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