Rush and Broadway

Those of you who are Broadway fans or have been to Broadway shows have probably heard of Rush, SRO, and Lottery. Believe it or not, I did not know of Broadway Lottery until #Ham4Ham. I did hear of "cheaper tickets" for Broadway in the past, but never knew it was called Rush until some time in [...]

McWay Falls at Big Sur

McWay Falls at Big Sur

When talking about Big Sur, the first landmark that pops up in many people's mind is probably Bixby Bridge. It's an incredible architect, but my personal favorite is McWay Falls, which we discovered and visited last September, during our road trip from San Francisco to L.A. Here's a little background story about McWay Falls... What happened [...]

How it started…

Finally, Omnivorous Meerkat blog is here!! It took me such a long time to decide to get everything started. I’ve been asked for years if I had a blog or planned on having one. I was hesitant at first; what would I name my blog, should it be all about food, will people read it? [...]